2014′s Penis Extender Scams

Penis Enlargement Evidence

Penis augmentation can be split in two principal types: natural and surgical.

Natural enlargement is a non-surgical method. Successful techniques contains: extending the ligaments to expose more penis or elongating the penis itself, manually, using your hands, by hanging weights or using penis extenders, enlarging the penis by extending the interior ligaments with a constriction apparatus or using a vacuum device.

Surgical penis-enlargement is making progress all the time-but is nevertheless experimental, at-best. The surgical procedures is grouped in to main categories: girth increase by injecting own fat into penis or length increase by cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis.

The problem with injecting own fat is that it can be reabsorbed by body. The suspensory ligament cut procedure requires post operator weights hanging or penis extender wearing.

The rest of the page is about non surgical penis enlargement.

The Scientific Evidence For Non Surgical Enlargement

When you want to change something to your body it is better to wait for the product’s scientific studies and a guarantee that is effective and safe.

So far we are being shown a lot of conflicting information from trusted sources or details that we discover around but we are used to trust products that includes some scientific proof. There is no scientific evidence for penis extenders success. To complicate things, the information we often find on internet is chopped, purposefully deceptive, misguiding or polluted by scam sellers.

Why Natural Penis Enlargement Works

Here is where the great news begins. For the last 18 years men around the world started to use the following penis enlargement techniques with success: penis exercises, penis extenders and penis pumps.

Urologist all over the world started to promote penis enlargement techniques and eventually backed up some penis extenders. The negative part is that there is absolutely no method to estimate a success rate. There are also unsuccessful men who tried all the above methods and failed to increase the penis size.

In the absence of gains, men tend to push the use of a device or exercise to the point of injury or abandon. Most injured men are mostly beginners that are forcing their body. Although a vast majority of injuries are minor, you should still be careful and don’t push beyond boundaries.

There is also the problem of results persistence. Penis enlargement can be effective, but, if you quit, the gain can be lost totally or partially. There are some men who achieved their goals, then stopped and partially lost their gains. There are others that lost no gain, although the percent is smaller. If you want to enlarge your penis you must be committed to the cause.

The Penis Extender Skeptics

As a buyer you should be able to estimate if the site selling extenders is a scam or not. Check the website in depth, look for false promo, look around for product’s false advertisement. Remember that a penis extender “CAN” extend your penis.

The penis extender is a commercial product and aggressively advertised, the merchants marketing tactics are trying to catch you into paying for low quality overpriced products.

Look out for fake products because there are a lot of products that looks as real ones but break very fast. Always buy products directly from the manufacturer website.

You will hear from other penis stretcher owners about their latest acquisition and what great gains they got. You do not need expensive penis extenders to achieve your purpose. All extenders works the same.

The comfort makes the difference, so look for devices that offer you a great comfort, because the comfort is very important. You will find very uncomfortable to wear a penis extender for at least 4 hours per day.

Then there are the accessories and bonuses. Be sure to get an extender that have all variations of padded rubber, this way you will find the most comfortable and easy to you use. Remember what works for others may not work for you. Make sure the penis extender has a manual and usage instructions.

Look for an extender that is very discrete, because if you use it for the entire day, it should not be noticed by others. Discrete, comfortable will be very easy to be worn and the gains might appear faster.

The original penis stretcher is called The Jes Extender. The Jes Extender was build by group of medical experts as a penis support after surgery. It is still used today as a post operator device. All the other extenders are variations of Jes Extender, many of the manufacturers improved the extender.

We reviewed the top penis extenders and this is our result.


The best penis extender is Sizegenetics.

Sizegenetics comes with the 58 way ultimate comfort system and bonuses that will help you achieve your purpose. It has medical and media endorsements, clinical study report and a 6 month money-back guarantee. If you order it use the code: ECON8 for $50 discount. Starting at $199.95, the Sizegenetics extender is the number one selling penis enlargement product because of the unique “58 way comfort system”.

The X4Labs gives you 18 way comfort system, but if you pay $50 more you will get the 58 way comfort system. Just like the Sizegenetics, X4Labs offer a 6 month money back guarantee. X4labs extender starts at $114.95 USD and the materials are good quality. Use the code DISC150 for $150 discount.

Starting at $299.95 the Pro Extender System is a quality product endorsed by many customers. With Pro Extender System also comes a bottle of VigRX and a bottle of Semenax.

The perfect size

There is no perfect penis size, ask women you know, it matters how you use your penis. From an interview realized by Red Hot Pie, some women responded that are satisfied by a 7x5inch (length X girth) penis. Some of them said they never had a too big penis so far. Some said the perfect penis size is 8×6. Actually the standard in porn industry is 8×6 inch. Some sexual surveys state that a bigger penis can cause a faster female orgasm because the friction area is bigger. But that doesn’t mean a 3-4 inch penis cannot satisfy a woman, it only takes a little bit longer.

Why women prefer a large manhood

The truth is many women are scared by a big penis, main reasons being “if it will fit in” and “the damage they can get from the penetration”. Men with a 3-4 inches penis have been found that can hit the G-spot better than men with a bigger penis. This means that a 3-4 inch erect penis can satisfy women as good as a 7-8 inch penis. Again it matters what you do with it, not how big it is.

But sadly this does not prevent you from feeling selfconscious. Surveys state that 52% of men desire a bigger penis, 30% men desire a big penis for an extra boost of confidence, 22% men want a bigger penis for better sex. Thanks to latest technological discoveries, the 52% of men looking for a bigger size can achieve it. If you’re really unsatisfied with your penis size consider using a penis extender. It is by far the most successful method when it comes to penis enlargement.

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